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Plug In and Recharge!

When it comes to Residential Electric Car Charging Stations, Here's What You Should Know.

Protect your new investment and avoid Warranty issues! Always use a trained, certified, licensed professional when installing a car charging station in your home. Some EV manufacturers and EV charging station manufacturers will void the warranty if their equipment is not installed by a licensed professional.

Residential Electric Vehicle Charging Stations are Available in Two Levels –
"Level 1" and "Level 2".

There is a Level 3 Charging Station, but that is for use only in commercial applications due to the high voltage that’s required to operate the level 3 charging station.

Here are the Three Charging Levels as specified by the National Electrical Code for Car Chargers:
Standard Outlet
Level 1
Residential Use
120v 40 amp grounded outlet
Level 2
Residential Use
220V 40 Amp grounded outlet
Level 3
Commercial & Industrial Use
Three Phase 480V Grounded PowerOutlet
Level 1 (120 Volt AC) Does not require a charging station!

Uses the on-board charge station that comes with the car. For Level 1 charging, you just have to plug it into a dedicated 120-volt, single phase separate circuit 20-Amp three prong grounded outlet - and the circuit should be installed by a qualified licensed electrician. Although it depends greatly on the vehicle you are charging, it typically takes between 8 to 14 hours to fully charge a vehicle. The charging current is about the same as a standard blow dryer, so it won’t put a burden on your existing electrical service. Obviously, the biggest disadvantage is the length of time it takes to recharge a vehicle. You will need to install a grounded 120 –Volt 20 Amp separate circuit to power the level 1 car charging station.

Level 2 (208-220-230 Volt AC)

All pictures on this page are typical Level 2 charging stations that can be used in your home or in a public space. Level 2 increases the charge power by 5x and decreases the typical full charge time down to 4-8 hours, thus the main advantage for Level 2 Charging is speed. Level 2 charging is the most popular system used by home owners as it offers a quick charge time – half the time of Level 1. You will need to install a dedicated 220-volt single phase grounded separate circuit to power the Level 2 charging station. This circuit is similar to a 220 volt electric dryer circuit.

Level 1 & 2 Installation Process

Typical Installation Takes Only 3-4 Hours & Uses Typical Household Electric Current.

As part of your home's electrical infrastructure, any charging system requires up-front planning for a safe and reliable installation.

Step 1 - Call Connecticut Electric Car at 860-667-1819 for a Site Assessment

CT Electric Car discusses the mounting location of your new charging station, and assesses electrical and special installation needs.

Step 2 - Quotation

CT Electric Car delivers a quote that matches the homeowner's needs as well as your electric car factory specficiations.

Step 3 - Permit

CT Electric Car acquires an electrical permit on customer’s behalf prior to installation.

Step 4 - Professional Custom Installation

CT Electric Car performs a custom installation to suit customer needs and requests. The installation will be performed according to your electric car specifications and requirements. Each electric car model has different requirements.

Step 5 - Orientation & Testing

CT Electric Car conducts an orientation and performs testing on your new charging station to ensure it's putting out the proper voltage according to the EV factory specifications of your electric car.

Step 6 - Inspection

Connecticut Electric Car initiates the electrical inspection request with the homeowner and offers ongoing technical support and service for your new charging station.

Our electricians in our Electric Car division are qualified to safely install your new electric car charging station according to the manufacturer's specifications. Our staff of electricians is licensed by the state of Connecticut Consumer Protection. Connecticut Electric Car has the experience and know how to install the car charging station that's right for both you and your new electric car.

 CT Electric Car has the latest testing equipment and voltage meters to ensure that your new car charging station is putting out the correct voltage for your electric car specifications. Our knowledgeable staff is here to assist you from start to finish ensuring that your electric car charging station isinstalled safely and operating correctly.

Please call us today if you have any questions. We’re here to help.

Do not take chances! Safety first. Protect your home and electric car. Always use a licensed professional.

If you're considering having an electric car charging station installed in your home, anywhere in Connecticut, CT Electric Car is the right choice.

Thank you,
Ed Ingalls
President, Connecticut Electric Car

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