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Level 2 & 3 Installation Process

Typical Installation Takes Only 3-4 Hours & Uses Typical Household Electric Current.

As part of your home's electrical infrastructure, any charging system requires up-front planning for a safe and reliable installation.

Step 1 - Call Connecticut Electric Car for a Site Assessment

CT Electric Car discusses the mounting location of your new charging station and assesses electrical and special installation needs.

Step 2 - On-Site Visit to Discuss the Best Location For Your Charging Station

CT Electric Car will deliver a quote according to your specific needs and requirements.

Step 3 - Permit

CT Electric Car acquires an electrical permit on customer’s behalf prior to installation.

Step 4 - Professional Custom Installation

CT Electric Car performs a custom installation to suit customer needs and requests. The installation will be performed according to your electric car specifications and requirements. Each electric car model has different requirements.

Step 5 - Orientation & Testing

CT Electric Car conducts an orientation and performs testing on your new charging station to ensure it's putting out the proper voltage according to the EV factory specifications.

Step 6 - Inspection

CT Electric Car initiates the electrical inspection request and offers ongoing technical support and service for your new charging station.

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