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Friday, August 12, 2011

Connecticut looking like car industry’s Electric State


The auto industry gave Detroit the added moniker of Motown (before it became a ghost town). Now it looks like Connecticut might be on its way to becoming “Electric State” thanks to electric cars.

Edward Ingalls announced the formation of Connecticut Electric Car Co. this week. The company, a division of Newington Electric Co. formed by Ingalls’ father Richard in 1958, is dedicated to the installation of car-charging stations. General Motors recently named Connecticut Electric Car its authorized installer for charging stations for all GM Connecticut dealerships. CT Electric Car hopes to announce a similar arrangement with Nissan this fall.

Also, Connecticut Light & Power has joined up with four municipalities including Mansfield in beginning research into establishing charging stations. Twenty towns and businesses are expected to join the study. State Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Dan Esty has blessed the effort.

In addition to Mansfield’s involvement, Eastern Connecticut has skin in the game with Killingly-based Rogers Corp. being a major supplier to the electric car industry. Norwich is involved with Norwich Public Utilities showing interest in charging stations and Rotary Club leader Bonnie Hong trying to recruit Izaro Motors, a Spain-based electric car company.

Connecticut’s ground-floor position in electric cars was noted by CL&P President Jeff Butler.

“We’ve worked hard to make Connecticut an early market for electric vehicles so we’re excited to launch New England’s first comprehensive hands-on EV (electric vehicle) study,” he said.

With Connecticut having the highest gas prices in the continental U.S., its second-highest nationwide electricity prices encountered at the charging stations may seem cheap by comparison.

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